Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Unfinished Work Will Be Sent Home

Dear Parents,

I will be sending home unfinished work from the afternoon class as needed.
Work will be sent home for a couple of reasons:
a) They didn't use class time well.
b) They have had a lot/sufficient amount of time in class to finish the task, but they haven't yet.

Unfinished work that needs to be evaluated for reporting will not be sent home. This work will be done during recess.

They're all aware of this and understand the expectations during "work time". :)
Work sent home needs to be brought back to school within a day or two.
I'm hoping that this work doesn't go missing.

With that said, you may have noticed a couple things sent home recently:
- Religion Puzzle Piece
- Math Sheet on estimating and elapsed time.
- Remembrance Art (optional to return)

Thanks for your support at home.  :)

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